Honored to partner with Feminine Weapon + Precious Little Ladies

A portion of all proceeds from Unbound go to both Feminine Weapon and Precious Little Ladies

Feminine Weapon

A non-profit organization, founded by Christina Weber, supporting initiatives to end child-sex trafficking, child abuse, and foster greater opportunities for children to live healthy, healed, and progressive lives.

With the funds from events, we’ll bring funding for art and healing programs to kids in orphanages through supporting our sister non-profit, ARTEAMOR, a 501(c)3 working with 12,000 children in 27 countries. 

“Battling the Ills of the World Through 

Love, Weapons of Conscious & Light”

Precious Little Ladies

Precious Little Ladies, strengthens the bond between mothers and daughters to prevent child molestation, domestic violence, and sexual assault through the content creation, education and support groups. Precious Little Ladies was founded by Aziza Kibibi an author, podcaster, activist, and survivor who courageously shares her experiences of abuse—incest, sexual assault, pedophilia, rape, sodomy, and physical violence—at the hands of her father, Aswad Ayinde.

Having raised over $150k to help support survivors of sexual abuse, PLL helps provide education, services, workshops, and so much more to ensure they have the tools and opportunities to live successful & thriving lives